Power of Attorney and Guardianship

With 40 years of experience and expert endorsements, our clients trust OnYourBehalf by Ursuline Support Services to act as a decision-maker based on their expressed desires and goals. We compassionately support them by making decisions focused on what is in their best interest and, to the extent possible, what they would decide for themselves, whether this means working directly with a client as their power of attorney or on behalf of an individual deemed to need a guardian.

Our extensive experience with the courts and an excellent record on behalf of our clients has led to endorsements from prominent local professionals, and we are fully insured, bonded and nationally-certified guardians. We will work with your financial professional related to any existing investments.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a tool to be used to determine who can make decisions for you when you become unable. OnYourBehalf can act as a legal power of attorney for healthcare and/or financial decisions and may also recommend a guardian for more complex needs.


Guardianship is a legal arrangement in which the court gives a person the power to make personal decisions for another. This can include the power to make financial decisions, in which case, the guardian is required to report to the court on an annual basis and provide an accounting of all financial transactions. OnYourBehalf can be appointed as a guardian for an incapacitated client and will ensure that their medical, financial and legal needs are being met.

Types of Guardianship

Guardianship of Person (GOP): We manage a range of individual needs, such as monitoring medical care, helping coordinate professional services, recommending social and wellness opportunities, and making end-of-life decisions.

Guardianship of Estate (GOE): We manage financial needs including bill paying, insurance payments, managing investments and ensuring Social Security benefits.


Power of Attorney:
  • Initiation Fee (one-time): $250
  • Annual Engagement Fee: $100
  • Cost Per Hour of Service: $100


  • Initiation Fee (one-time): $1,500
  • Cost Per Hour of Service: $100



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“As an elder law attorney, I worked with Ursuline Support Services and its guardianship clients for many years. In my experience, even when family members are well-intentioned, it can be difficult to keep required guardianship records and maintain a good relationship with relatives as a caregiver. Ursuline Support Services is uniquely qualified to provide guardianship services to individuals and families who might struggle to meet legal and personal expectations on their own.”

George J. Pettrone, Attorney at Law


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