Financial Support Services

The process of paying bills and managing finances is never easy, but for someone who is aging or disabled, they may feel especially overwhelmed by complicated financial matters. We give our clients additional support to make sure that personal finance matters are taken care of promptly and accurately.

Our Daily Money Managers make sure that our clients’ financial responsibilities are taken care of accurately and on time, so there’s no need to worry about missed bills. We proudly work with people of all abilities to oversee their financial obligations so that they can feel confident and secure that their bills are properly paid and managed.

Daily Money Management

We offer a range of services to help clients keep financial matters properly managed, including paying monthly bills, reviewing all mail, checking for eligibility and applying for any additional services available.

Wellness Checks

This service also includes a monthly wellness check that occurs during the regular visit to manage mail and pay bills. The wellness checks, which are completed by a social service professional on an as-need basis, serve as an “extra set of eyes” so that the right people can be alerted if intervention or support is needed.


Financial Support Services:

  • Monthly support with an in-person visit: $300



Visit the OnYourBehalf FAQ page for additional information.


“My experience with Ursuline is excellent. I feel free to call Ursuline if I have special requests or need advice in how to better my finances. Also, they are always willing to explain my budget in a way I can understand, knowing I want to better myself and my credit. They protect me and my account.”

K.B., Ursuline Client

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