Family Guardian Support

We understand the challenges that come with being a new guardian. Whether you’re managing monthly bills, or stepping in as another’s Power of Attorney or Guardian, OnYourBehalf offers the support you need as you adjust to your new role and responsibilities.

OnYourBehalf connects you to a supportive community and valuable resources, whether you’re a newly appointed Guardian or stepping in to help with guardian-like duties for your loved one.  You may be struggling to understand how to make sure your loved one’s care needs are being met, or perhaps what’s expected from you by the court system. We understand the unique challenges of being a guardian and can help you be successful.

Monthly Support and Education

Clients can access ongoing direct phone support with professionals at OnYourBehalf and receive regular communication with news, tips and education opportunities.

Required Annual Reports

Given our lengthy expertise in guardianship reporting, we can assist those who are providing guardianship with guided support for filling out the required yearly reports, which are required by law.

Medicaid Application

We offer guided support for those who are filling out the Medicaid application on behalf of their loved one, making it easier to successfully complete and submit.


Family Guardian Support Services:

  • Medicaid Application: $1,500
  • Guardianship Annual Reports: $250
  • Monthly Support: $75



Visit the OnYourBehalf FAQ page for additional information.


“Because of Ursuline’s determination and commitment to best practices in all program areas, they excel in their ability to evaluate the changing (and often challenging) demands facing individuals in our communities today and develop strategies to meet their needs.”

Ginny Fiore, President and CEO, Ginny Fiore Consultants, Inc.

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