Frequently Asked Questions


What counties does OnYourBehalf serve? 

We currently serve 15 counties in the Southwestern and Western regions of Pennsylvania, and we are open to accepting new cases throughout the state at this time.

Counties currently being served: Allegheny, Armstrong, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Erie, Greene, Fayette, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence, Mercer, Somerset, Washington, and Westmoreland.

Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Does OnYourBehalf have an attorney that will create the Power of Attorney?

No, Power of Attorney must be created by the recipient’s attorney.  If a client does not have an attorney, OnYourBehalf can provide a template for a Power of Attorney agreement that we would advise be reviewed by a private attorney.

Can OnYourBehalf be my financial Power of Attorney only?


Can I revoke the Power of Attorney at any time?


How long does the Guardianship process take?

The process typically takes two to three months.

Financial Support Services

Can OnYourBehalf assist me with my taxes?

Depending on the complexity of the tax filing, OnYourBehalf may be able to assist with a client’s taxes.  If too complex, we would refer the client to a tax service.

Can OnYourBehalf assist with my rent rebate?


Can OnYourBehalf assist me with my LIHEAP forms?


Can I cancel this service at any time?

A client can cancel their service with a 30-day notice so that arrangements can be made to appropriately close any outstanding financial transactions initiated by OnYourBehalf.

Family Guardian Support

Can OnYourBehalf assist with generating Guardianship Inventory Report?


Can OnYourBehalf assist a family member in becoming Guardian? 

No, we cannot assist family in becoming Guardian, but we may advise a family member on the process as part of our Family Guardian Support service offering.

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